Parker store

A design shop

Coming soon

Parker Store is coming in early 2022. Keep an eye on this space. Just sit and watch it.

Product key

  • 1 Books
  • 2 Self Care
  • 3 Office Supplies
  • 4 Great Ideas
  • 5 Fun
  • 6 Home Goods
  • 7 Apparel
  • 8 Furniture
  • 9 Friends

The Keeps Bed

Keeps makes beautiful, sustainably sourced, high-quality furniture available to everyone. Co-owners Andrew and Rob came to us for a visual identity and supporting applications as they prepared for launch.

The brand mark speaks to nature and growth; the roots of making things by hand with natural materials. Our custom typeface, Keeps Sans, is derived from the wordmark, features slight angles and exaggerated curves for a hand hewn yet friendly feel.


We worked with Kyle Johnson to create a suite of photography to support the brand launch. Our goal was to emphasize the brand's commitment to responsible production and its promise to plant 100 trees for every bed purchased.

The Keeps packaging system reduces waste and simplifies fulfillment. A single box provides room for all bed sizes.

Print Material

Keeps stationery and print material are sourced from recycled papers. Packaging inserts, business cards and posters provide a playground for the typographic systems and color to play.

Keeps is launching in the fall of 2021. Packaging and product-related brand touchpoints will be in the wild January 2022.