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Parker Store is coming in early 2022. Keep an eye on this space. Just sit and watch it.

Product key

  • 1 Books
  • 2 Self Care
  • 3 Office Supplies
  • 4 Great Ideas
  • 5 Fun
  • 6 Home Goods
  • 7 Apparel
  • 8 Furniture
  • 9 Friends

Firsthand Hairstylers

Firsthand Supply is a hair and body care company offering premium, all-natural products for a better everyday. We developed the brand identity and subsequent packaging system for their relaunch into the marketplace.



  • Wellness
  • Lifestyle
  • Green Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Print & Packaging

We used co-owner and product formulator Filipe's handwriting and original sketches throughout the brand to convey the bespoke nature of the recipes.

Print Applications

The brand's primary typeface, Formular Mono, brings an industrious quality to print collateral.