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Parker Store is coming in early 2022. Keep an eye on this space. Just sit and watch it.

Product key

  • 1 Books
  • 2 Self Care
  • 3 Office Supplies
  • 4 Great Ideas
  • 5 Fun
  • 6 Home Goods
  • 7 Apparel
  • 8 Furniture
  • 9 Friends

Girlfriend Collective makes quality activewear out of plastic trash, closing the loop in wasteful manufacturing *and* making you look good. We refreshed their visual identity, rethought their digital presence, and introduced a budding illustration system to their repertoire.



  • Green Design
  • Retail
  • Apparel
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Media
  • Illustration
  • Print & Packaging

Girlfriend Collective engaged Parker to develop a more refined and functional brand world. As we built that system, we expanded on ideas that continued to arise throughout the process
end result was a series of guidelines, templates, and brand assets that elevated Girlfriend's overall visual identity into a realm with a clear point of view and direct purpose.

Tonal Change

We refined Girlfriend's color palette with bright, natural, and energetic hues. An optimistic serif — Recif Text Light — emphasizes its friendly tone.

Print & Illustration

A fresh illustration system brings new elements to physical touchpoints. Subtle sharp points paired with organic bends and twists make these illustrations just as relaxed as you'd be while decked out in Girlfriend.

Packaging System

As we explored packaging options, we were inspired by Girlfriend's approach to sustainability. The packaging system uses boxes made of a paper pulp/card board mix to help reduce waste.

A range of social templates align with marketing materials. New brand elements provide the Girlfriend team with ample room for play within the visual language.