Parker store

A design shop

Coming soon

Parker Store is coming in early 2022. Keep an eye on this space. Just sit and watch it.

Product key

  • 1 Books
  • 2 Self Care
  • 3 Office Supplies
  • 4 Great Ideas
  • 5 Fun
  • 6 Home Goods
  • 7 Apparel
  • 8 Furniture
  • 9 Friends

Photography & Packaging

Grape Juice is a natural wine shop and club featuring inhibition-lowering, giggle-inducing, conversation-starting libations for adults (21+) only. Parker developed the name, visual identity, and digital presence for this playful, low-key local shop.

In-house photography and a confetti-esque brand palette capture the mood of a spontaneous late-night wine tasting party, or feels a bit like a mess. Either work for the brand.

Set out on Seattle's Ballard Ave., Grape Juice's bright white sidewalk signs and exterior signage demand your attention.
But in an art gallery kind of way. Not a "look at meeeeeeeeeee" kind of way.

Sticker System

To define the wide range of wine boxes offered by Grape Juice, we produced a functional system of colors and stickers that also provide flexibility on the operations side.
This sticker system finds its way into the physical space through wayfinding, signage, and menus.