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IRL is an Interchangeable Retail Location located on Ballard, Ave in Seattle and hosted by Parker Studio. See below for some of our upcoming pop-ups.

Cuniform Jun 28-30
Brooke Eide July 28-August 07
Sorry Mom September 17–18

Affordable Housing funds Affordable Travel

Loftium is on a mission to make living in cities more affordable. Parker was tasked with developing an identity system that would better communicate the company's platform and personality.



  • Hospitality
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration

Illustration: Bianca Yvonne

We were approached by Loftium to establish a cheerful identity system that expresses the business' friendly, hospitable personality.
The core of Loftium's business model is splitting large, single-family homes into duplexes. One half is intended for permanent living, and the other is intended to be rented on Airbnb and other services. Each one funds the other, bringing affordable housing to expensive cities, as well as affordable short-term rentals for travelers.

The many faces of Loftium, an ambitious, forward-thinking company. We're thrilled to have the opportunity to help their brand and business grow.

Digital Applications & Motion Studies

Digital applications for Loftium leverage a vibrant and playful annotation style that provides hierarchy to crowded compositions and functions as a CTA within the design language.

We established a light illustration system for in-house execution. We wanted to represent people through a variety of simple shapes and rough imperfect mediums.