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Holcomb is a family-founded product design studio that specializes in crafting tools tailored for the contemporary kitchen. The products are rooted in the use of natural materials, including wood, stone, and metals.



  • Retail
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Print & Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Website

Website Developed by Baggy

Photography by Katherine Fox

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Holcomb sought out Parker's expertise to assist in the development of an identity that would propel the brand's expansion and growth. Our collaboration encompassed touchpoints such as packaging design, photography, and the creation of a comprehensive e-commerce digital experience. The objective was to authentically convey the brand's ethos of "well-lived" in a manner that is forthright yet ambitious. Within this context, Holcomb's brand identity was to embody the concept of "beautiful imperfection."

The solution devised by Parker for Holcomb is distinguished by its sophistication, yet it retains an element of playfulness that remains approachable to the everyday home cook. In partnership with Baggy (developer team), Parker orchestrated the creation of a website that fully embodies the brand's identity within the digital realm. We are proud to announce that this website is scheduled for launch in the autumn of 2023.

The color palette — inspired by and named after raw materials — allows the brand to be both subdued and confident. The natural tones complement the products while the neutral tones support. The Holcomb logo can shift when set on Granite or Olive to other colors in the palette.

The Holcomb Symbol

The Holcomb symbol adds a playful counter-balance to the strongly gridded system in lives within. Drawn in a natural and organic style, the 'h' leans into the dynamic (and occasionally chaotic) essence of cooking.


In collaboration with Baggy, Parker designed a cohesive, modular E-Commerce website that effectively translates the essence of the Holcomb brand into the digital realm. This meticulously designed platform incorporates an array of versatile modules, including interactive product bundles, recipe cards, series pages, and more. These elements grant Holcomb the autonomy to tailor their digital environment to perfection for every product launch while seamlessly conveying their unique brand narrative.

As a small direct-to-consumer business, my objective was to distinguish ourselves from other brands in the industry. Parker meticulously crafted a brand and website that covered every aspect, from the initial branding and photography to the website design and development. Parker took the time to comprehensively grasp our goals and our unique vision for standing out in our market.

Ariel (Co-Founder)