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Myers & Briggs

A personable re-brand for the historic, world-renowned personality type assessment, The Myers & Briggs Foundation. Established by Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers.



  • Education
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Media
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign

Creative Direction: Parker

Copywriting: Thomas E McCracken

Strategy: Gina Gretchko

Photography: Kyle Johnson & Ben Lindbloom

The Myers & Briggs Foundation approached Parker with a unique perception problem. They struggled to connect their expertise and the people they were trying to reach; academics, students, and psychologists.
We developed a modern brand identity that speaks directly to the history and equity behind the Myers & Briggs Foundation while maintaining a stronger connection to humanity. We provided new brand tools and secondary elements to offer guardrails to 3rd party partners helping the M&BF claim its territory, separating itself from those imitating their research and causing confusion.
Our project covered the gamut of deliverables from visual and verbal identity, to positioning and immediate digital applications.

The flower symbolizes personal growth through understanding. It was important to the M&BF team to incorporate geometry that felt natural, tied to nature, and connected with humanity.


The eight pedals and eight points within the flower add up to represent the complete sixteen variants of type that are represented within the MBTI's instrument.