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Feldman Architecture stands as a distinguished residential architecture firm, renowned worldwide for its expertise in crafting ethically built and environmentally conscious homes, catering to discerning clientele throughout the Bay Area.



  • Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Type Design
  • Website

Website Developed by Baggy

Photography by Lauren Segal

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At the helm of their website reinvention was Parker, entrusted with the pivotal task of completely reimagining the online presence of Feldman. This endeavor naturally sparked the question, "How should we approach it?" This question initiated an extensive and constructive dialogue, delving into Feldman's business trajectory and its established brand identity. Eventually, we concluded that a comprehensive brand exercise was justified, considering the energy and resources required to create a world-class web experience.

Our collaborative efforts encompassed various stages, including strategic positioning and refining the verbal identity, crafting an appealing visual identity, culminating in the design and development of a fully customized website, skillfully powered by Sanity CMS. The grand launch is scheduled for the fall of 2023, and we are eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will make on Feldman Architecture's digital presence.

The fusion of KMR Waldenburg and Rhymes Text creates a harmonious blend that conveys a sense of structure, confidence, and elegance, mirroring the ethos of both the individuals and the work of Feldman Architecture. This identity is thoughtfully designed to be a supportive presence, rather than an overwhelming force, allowing the remarkable work of the team to take center stage.

The Website

The website features a variety of custom modules designed to streamline the construction of case studies, offer engaging interactive elements, a layered conceptual framework, and an overall design ethos that embodies the studio's style of soft, open, and nature-inspired architecture.

From a design standpoint, the team knocked it out of the park. Their confidence, deep knowledge, and clear design process made it feel like we were on a journey together. They took our ideas, concepts, and work, and pushed us past our comfort zones, resulting in a brand and website that feels like us.

Chris (Partner)