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A Fully Managed Crypto Investment Service

Prismatic offers a slew of services to help investment advisors fold secure crypto investments directly into their clients’ existing portfolios.



  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Digital Media
  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Print & Packaging

3D: Sebastian Camens

The world of cryptocurrency can be synonymous with unstable value, murky processes, and cats with lasers shooting out of their eyes. Prismatic came to Parker looking to shift that perspective. We were tasked with helping Prismatic articulate the clarity and credibility they bring to their clients: people looking to diversify their portfolios with digital currency.
The resulting brand system leans into simplicity to speak clearly and to the point. The graphic device, which leverages a prism’s visual effect, emphasizes the company’s clear vision and approach to cryptocurrency and understanding of the market.

Elevated & Trustworthy

Our selection of typefaces and strong use of negative space intended to give the brand a leadership posture. One that feels elegant, refined and one you'd trust to engage with your existing investment portfolio.

The Prismatic Service provides clarity to an otherwise murky investment strategy. A simple typography system and animated graphic device emphasize the company's commitment to transparency in an elevated way.

Print Materials

A blind emboss emulates the prism effect used throughout the digital applications, a unique twist that provides print materials with a little sump'n-sump'n.

“We work in a very traditional industry (investment management) and Tyler and the Parker crew captured the energy of my business without sacrificing credibility. Outstanding.”

– Founder/CEO, Prismatic