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PS Times

PS Times is a reimagining of the classic Times New Roman. Designed in collaboration with Jesse Amborn to be used as Parker Studio's proprietary brand font. The typeface is packed with a range of ligatures, stylistic sets, and playful symbols.



  • Graphic Design
  • Type Design

Produced By: Parker Studio
Design Lead: Jesse Amborn
3D Applications: Grey Larson
Animations: Grey Larson, Mason Peterson, Maya Flood

The original version of Times New Roman was commissioned by the British newspaper The Times in the 1930’s. Originally conceived in response to a growing designer to return to the traditions of printing from the eighteenth century and prior.

PS Times pays homage to the most recognizable aspects of the original Times New Roman by maintaining similar cap and x-heights, while adjusting the lengths of descenders and adding a wide range of ligatures to add a new degree of elegance that works well in long-form copy, as well as in display settings.

While a single weight, our goal is to continue updating the typeface with new versions that will include “Text”, “Italic”, “Display”, and eventually “Antique”.

Size 150
Letter spacing 0
Line height 0.8
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

What started as a simple revision to Times New Roman and the lighter weighted Times Now, turned into a complete redrawing inspired by the lost variations of Times during 1960's and 70's phototype era.

Summary of PS Times' extensive set of contextual alternates combined with ligatures to enable tailored kerning pairs and consistent rhythm at its tighter default letter spacing.

Constructred from scratch to pay homage to the classic Times New Roman we all know and love, but feel unique and fresh for today.

Size 150
Letter spacing 0
Line height 0.8
The slow green fox jumps over the lazy cat.

We are excited to offer PS Times in a traditional licensable format. We are also offering a trial, please specify below.

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