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Office Air Seasoning

A limited edition box containing our custom candle; “Office Air Seasoning” as well as a translucent Tsubota Pearl (坪田パール) lighter.



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Production: Imprimerie du Marais
Design: Parker Studio
Lighter: Tsubota Pearl

A custom-designed and developed package produced in collaboration with the mighty Imprimerie du Marais in Paris, France. This package features the first printed use of Parker's PS Times emblazoned in silver foil on the package face.

Originally produced as the Studio's 2022 year-end gift, the remaining 80 packages are available to everyone and include Office Air Seasoning candle, a clear Tsubota Pearl lighter, and the first print of PS Times.

Our semi-serious new years' commitment as a studio is distilled into a quirky crest used throughout the limited edition packaging.

"sine liquore, sine vitio, sine timore"

Tsubota Pearl is a Tokyo based company producing metal and leather work. They have since gained fame for their iconic, minimal lighters.